Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Our middle daughter is a true homemaker, and is teaching her two daughters to be the same.  They are 10 and 13 and already know how to vacuum, wash clothes, clean their rooms, walk the dogs, etc.  One thing our daughter has been teaching them is to cook.  One day a week, they cook the evening meal.  It is their choice as what to serve but they do it all.

One thing our daughter loves to do is bake, and she is teaching the girls how to do that too.  Below is a cake the 10 year old made for her mother's birthday, and yes, she truly made the whole cake.  (Guided by her mother)

I don't think you could find a better cake at a bakery, do you?  The chocolate is almost a fudge icing.

The next lesson will be in making their own pie crusts and bake rolls.  Everything is made from 'scratch' at their house.

In case you think all they do is house work, the girls are both Girl Scouts, have sleep-overs, play in school band and all the regular things little girls do.  They just inherited the love of home-making from their mother!

Have a nice Tuesday!


  1. Priceless lessons to last a lifetime! That cake made me drool:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS! Praying for you and Jim!

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by Nanaland! I love to meet new blog friends. You may have noticed that our little vacation home, Grimmwood, is in Chatsworth, Ga. We are not far from Chattanooga and growing up we got all our tv stations from Chattanooga. We drive through there about every two weeks. That Cake looks like a bakery cake in my opinion. I would love to have a piece to eat with you!! BTW, I am also a retired RN. I stopped working when I had my kiddos but thankful for all the knowledge I received at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing. A good friend and fellow GBH grad works at Siskin in Chattanooga.

    1. I graduated from Erlanger School of Nursing and retired from Erlanger Hospital. I loved being a nurse and like you, am thankful for the knowledge I gained. Hope we can be friends here.

  3. the girls are lucky to have these lessons and will always be grateful for them! Lovely cake too!

  4. I think every girl and boy ought to be taught these very same lessons. Ask Liam, I didn't think this was a girl or boy thing---everyone ought to know the basics at least, smiles

  5. That cake looks amazing! The grandkids love to help me in the kitchen and I'm forever grateful to give them the chance :)
    God bless your day!

  6. The cake is beautiful! It looks so good. I wish I had inherited the cleaning gene from my mother,but she didn't clean either. We both found life more interesting. But my mom was a great cook! So good that the kids are learning and enjoying these homemaking things so early in life. It will always be there for them.

  7. That's wonderful to learn all those skills at an early age. I think it's important to teach the same skills to boys. Everyone must clean and cook. It's just part of life. :)
    The cake looks so GOOD! She did great! I wanna slice. I used to bake also but my waistline protested, so, I stopped. Really enjoy it though. Just can't eat like that anymore. *sigh*
    Love & Prayers ~:)

  8. Your daughter is to be commended for all that she is teaching her girls. She will never regret it...and neither will the girls when they are old enough to be married and caring for their own homes. Such a blessing...and that birthday cake the 10 year old made for her mother is just gorgeous!

  9. The girls will be so happy one day to know how to do all those things! I know I was happy to slip into adulthood and marriage knowing how to cook and clean - it was easy. That cake looks delicious!!

  10. I love this! Your daughter is teaching them well.

  11. All very useful things your granddaughters are being taught by their mother. That cake looks amazing and I'm sure it tasted even better!


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