Sunday, December 17, 2017

Counting down..........Are you ready?

The Christmas Cantata was spectacular last night.  The choir was better than I have ever heard them, the actors made the characters so real, and the little 9 year old girl knew all her lines and was as cute as could be. She was in the entire play and actually was the lead actress.  Amazing!

I went to see Jim yesterday and he had won a contest, guessing how many Hershey's kisses were in a jar!  He was so happy to tell me about it, and show me his Hershey's candy bar and shirt he won!  I told him he was going to be bored when he came home unless I came up with some activities!  So far he has been to a dog show, two choir performances, arts and crafts, and then won the contest.  Oh he also attended a church service last week, and will go again today.  I am very thankful for this place and the staff.

That is it for today's post.  God bless you in a special way.


  1. I am so happy to hear the update on Jim, you better get to planning some activities for him, giggling.

    Did your church tape the performance? Is there somewhere online where we can find it? Just wondering. I do miss the southern traditions of the Christmas and Easter Cantatas, smiles. Have a beautiful day friend.

  2. Sounds wonderful, I wish I could have seen that performance! JIM, what a great report on how he is enjoying where he is! I know he will be happy to get home and you can let him guess how many candies are in a jar:) AND you can eat them together! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. That sounds like a really nice place! One year my son’s piano teacher took all her students to a hospital rehab place and entertained everyone with Christmas songs. It was a real treat!

  4. I am so happy Jim is doing so well!
    And no worries...
    I am sure just being home with you will be more than enough to make his heart happy!
    Have a nice day, Linda.
    We are baking today.
    And Iam thinking a nap too!

  5. It's good that Jim is busy at the rehab but I know he can't wait to be home with you. I have fond memories of singing in cantatas when I was younger. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas week. Your blog is beautiful

  6. I'm so glad Jim is doing well and having some enjoyable activities too. Our kids Christmas program this morning was so sweet!

  7. What fun for Jim to win that contest!! We enjoyed a Christmas Cantata today too. It was well done and lovely to hear.

  8. Yay for the Activity staff where Jim lives! I was an Activity Director for 10 years so this makes me proud. It's hard work but always very rewarding to see joy and a spark in the eyes of the residents.
    Hershey, PA is pretty close to where I going to Chocolate World there.
    Take care!

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