Friday, July 7, 2017

UPDATE ON JIM:  We had a good day falls, awake more, eating more....PTL

TODAY:  Have errands to run IF Jim is ok....he is still asleep and I will have to wait and see.  Murphy works today, so he won't be around in the event he is needed.

PROJECTS:  At his request, I made a smaller version of my 'circles' for Jim.  He said he would just like to have one to look at all the pretty colors, on dreary days.  Will take a picture and share when I get it up! Also working on and about half through, on sleeping mat #3.  Slowly but surely getting the house dusted - finally.  This house is mostly wood inside and you can imagine the dust and cat hair that collects.  That is probably more info than you needed this morning!

Remedy for removal of cat hair from furniture:
First, be sure to check if the fabric of the item can get wet. Then, take a pair of rubber gloves and moisten them with water. Next, with the mitt on your hand, rub down the piece of furniture. This should pick up any hair easily.  Rinse the glove.

THANKFUL:  Have I mentioned how much I love my church family. They are so encouraging and tell me they are praying for Jim and for me, and it makes a world of difference to me. We are all so different, from different backgrounds, different ages, stages, etc., but the Lord has brought us together to make a difference.  We are an old fashioned church, using hymnals, organ and piano and just a choir. Some say we might be too boring for this day and time, but not for me...I prefer the old ways, but then again I am old!

FAMILY:  There is a new member of our extended family these days. Middle daughter and her crew have a new puppy....a yellow lab, whose name is Ben!  He is 7 weeks old and my daughter says she feels like she has a new baby to take care of, but doesn't seem to mind.



  1. Our Church is old fashioned too and that is just fine with me:) I love holding the song book and singing my little heart out! Prayers continue for Jim and you! I know that you are taking great care of him! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Oh, Ben is so cute!! Glad Jim had a good day and hope he can repeat it today! I love the old fashioned churches that still use a hymnal and don't have drums and electric guitars! I know many have a contemporary service for the younger folks but I'm old too and enjoy a more reverent service.

  3. awwww Ben is so cute...smiles...I am glad to read that about Jim, been keeping you in prayer, friend.

    Hope your Friday is a good one, my brother in law will be here by noon, he is about 3 hours out, in Jamestown...then the fun begins...have to run to the thrift store and get items etc...for his little basement apartment.

  4. So good to hear Jim had a good day! Hope today is another one.
    Our church is small but contemporary. We use various musical instruments and sing with words projected on a screen. I help sing on the worship team as does one of my daughters and soon a granddaughter. My son is one of the drummers. I do love worship songs! Love hymns too :)
    There is one thing I would not have energy for....and that's a puppy!!
    God bless your day!

  5. Prayers for mother good day for you both, Linda.
    And yay!
    A new puppy!!!
    Have a cozy weekend, my friend.
    I am sitting on the porch listening to therein right now. : )

    1. ummm that would be listening to the RAIN! lol

  6. I'm am so far behind! I didn't know about Jim so I'm off to read past posts and catch up. Ben is adorable. The church I probably will unite with is a large one - something I'm not used to. There is something so comforting about a church family. I've got you and Jim on my prayer list.

  7. What a sweet puppy! And yes, the old fashioned kind of church is just fine with me. We may be looking for a new church like that soon. We've been having a home Bible fellowship in our home for several years, but it seems like it is time to get back into a larger circle of fellowship. Praying about that because our choices are quite limited where we live. Glad you and hubby are doing okay> Praying for you as you care for him and try to take care of everything else as well. May the Lord give you strength each day, and send help as needed!