Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jesse did spend the day with us, but once his Dad got home from work, he learned a new skill..............shucking corn!

From the look on his face, he enjoyed learning a new skill, and from the look of the corn, he did a good job!  Now I am looking forward to eating some of that yummy yellow stuff.

Jennifer's two girls, Caroline and Elizabeth are at Girl Scout camp this week, and were so excited to go this year.  It is a new camp near Knoxville, TN. and they had not been to this one before.  We will certainly hear 'tales' when they get home I am sure!


Jim had a really good day yesterday....more alert, no falls, ate more and got around really good in his new 'ride', the wheelchair. Prayers answered, and thank you for praying for him.

That is about it for tonight.  Til then..........


  1. I love to shuck corn, its relaxing, smiles. Go Jesse, go, giggling. Cant wait to hear about the girls adventure and happy to read that about Jim.

    Have a great day, Linda.

  2. The corn looks delicious! Nice to have a helper! Prayers continue for you and Jim.

  3. Good to hear Jim had a good week, hope it continues!!

  4. Great news about Mr. Jim...hope there's more and more days like that. The girls are near me, if they're in Knoxville....we're about 15 miles from there. And, that corn...yummy. I had the job of going thru the rows with my arms out so Mom could load them down and then shucking...when I was a little girl! ;-) Happy Wednesday!

  5. Nothing like fresh corn on the cob! I need to stop at a farm stand and get some one of these days. Jesse did a good job!
    Glad to hear about your hubby's good day. Here's to many more :)

  6. Cute pictures of Jesse! Glad he enjoyed that. :)
    Glad Jim had a good day!

  7. I love corn on the cob. That looks SO good! Good for Jesse!! I'm so happy to hear that Jim had a good day and that he is using a wheelchair.