Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hope you had a great holiday yesterday.  Ours was very quiet and uneventful....we went no where and did nothing. Jim did fall out of the bed, while reaching for the remote control, but thank the good Lord, he was not injured.  I have bandages on arms, legs, hips, and anywhere else that can handle one.  After that fall, he stayed up for about 2 hours and back to bed he went, so I 'piddled' the day away.  Do you ever just 'piddle'?

We seem to be experiencing 'Florida' weather....shower in the AM, sunshine, and shower in the PM.  At least I am not having to water my flowers.

No plans today either, but church tonight.  Murphy is off work and can stay with his Dad.

We have had company for the past 3 days.  A cousin of Jim's that he barely knows, and I don't know, comes here from South Alabama and sleeps in our spare room, while visiting friends, etc.  I don't cook or anything, just lend the room.  It is somewhat awkward and I will be glad when he returns home. Have you ever been around someone that NEVER stops talking? NEVER!  This visitor is one of them. I have my hands full as it is, and don't need the routine interrupted.  I know, I know, I should be thankful I can open our home to someone.

Some folks go back to work today and some of us just carry on. Whatever your day brings, I pray it is good.


  1. Praying for Jim and you! I can't handle a "chat constantly" type of person, I SO understand! I am happy to have a guest here and there but always happy to see them go! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

    1. Thanks for understanding....I don't mean to sound ungrateful, just don't talk non-stop! lol

  2. You and Jim are always in my prayers, Linda. Glad you can get out tonight for church. Yes, I piddle now and then but not as often as I hope to be soon.... :)

  3. Keeping y'all in son is a talker...just like his dad, wink. Me, not so much, I like to listen...unless I am brought into a conversation or asked my opinion.

    Hope today is uneventful for you seems I have piddled away this summer, LOLOLOL.

  4. Praying for a peaceful, quiet day of "piddling". Praying for you and your hubby especially. God bless you for your patience!!

  5. My hubby is not a talker so I've gotten really good with quiet....although we do live with our son and family so quiet is not in abundance! I go down to our area when I'm not retreat :) I get where you are coming from!
    I pray that your day will be quiet and uneventful. I pray for you and Jim....I recognize the stress for the caregiver. May God be ever near and give you strength!

  6. We had a quiet Fourth, too. I did watch fireworks on tv. My late dad fell out of bed and chipped some teeth on the corner of the nightstand. I sure know the stress you are under. I pray for you both every day. xo

  7. Yes...I piddle all the time!
    SO does my mom!
    Sorry about the fall...glad he has you.
    And I know about visitors.
    Sometimes you cannot wait to close the door and wave goodbye!!!

  8. I know people like that - it's very tiring, and I imagine even more so when you have Jim and a regular routine is beneficial. Glad he wasn't injured - praying for you!
    PS - I like your background!

  9. I'm sorry that Jim fell out of bed but I'm do glad no big injuries. I was always stocked up on first aid supplies with Mom as well. You just never knew when you might need it. Yes, I've known people who just never stop talking. I find my eyes glazing over trying to listen. When I first read "piddle" I thought of Mandy because I'd use that word when I was house breaking her. :) And yes, I piddle around too, (the other definition!)