Thursday, July 6, 2017

Good Thursday morning, and guess I should say, good rainy morning......again.  We were talking yesterday about all the rain, and decided that we gripe when it is raining too much, and we gripe when it is hot and dry.....humans are really never satisfied.

It is a sad/silly thing to say that finding a background for your blog every morning is the highlight of your day, isn't it?  Well, at this point in my life, it really is fun for me every morning.  I begin the day with my devotions and thanking my Lord for another day, then go to the computer.  I never could draw a straight line, so having the choices already made for me, makes it fun for me.

Also, I go to our local news and check to see who has been arrested that lives in my area.  What is fun about that to me, are the names................who makes up these names:  ZACALA MECOLE, UNIQUECHERRIHE ,  RAQUANN,  KEYUNNA LAKISA , ATORIA SHUNTAY?  What happened to Mary, Sara, Rebecca, and Ruth?

I really do love my life and there is a lot more than it seems, but this is usually the beginning of each day for me.  What do you do first thing each morning?

God bless you and yours today!


  1. When I see names like you have listed here, it looks like they tried to use most of the alphabet!!! lol
    I start my day early in the a.m. with prayer/devotion and then I check the blogs. Fun to read what everyone is up to.
    Raining here too this a.m.

  2. It hasn't rained here in a couple days but it's coming! My morning... Prayer, coffee, GMA and blogging:) It't the way I get my motor running! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Giggling over the such names here in the north...but then again, our area doesn't have a large population of African Americans...hope that doesn't sound bad, not meant to be. I do the same, I check the police blotter, not much crime...our little town is reeling over a murder of a 2 year old...the father was found guilty, thank goodness. Horrible, horrible what he did to that child...we mainly have small petty crimes such as stolen bicycles...anyways....where was I?

    Humid, humid, humid, I guess the summer doldrums have hit here. Expecting rain later on. Hope you have a lovely day friend.

  4. p.s. I do enjoy your blog backgrounds. My sis, Karen, enjoys changing her backgrounds just about daily, too. I've been on the go to the vet today and I am ready to sit down and get comfy. God bless you and Jim this evening. xo

  5. My work days begin at 5:00 a.m. I am at work by 7:00. In between, there is a shower, dressing, feeding cats, packing lunch, having breakfast or taking it at work. I am SO looking forward to a change in that routine! :)

  6. I like your blog backgrounds and am impressed by the way you change them!
    Interesting you are finding those names on the police blotter - maybe strange names lead to crime! :)

  7. I look forward each day to seeing your next blog background so the fact that it is fun for you and we enjoy it is a win-win! There are some vary strange names these days. The more exotic the name, the more exotic the crime?
    We all find ways to fill our days. To some it may seem boring but to us it is perfect. Hope you day is a good one.