Saturday, June 10, 2017

The weekend....we all look forward to it.  A day or two to unwind is always a blessing.  Enjoy your day/s.

I am so proud and happy to share a picture with you this morning.  Our cousin, Jason Paseur, is in the Air Force, and just returned home from Kuwait.  I posted about him several times while he was deployed.  This young man is a husband, father of 3, high school teacher, and all around nice guy.  I was there the day he was born, and his Mother and Dad are our best friends. He has been on his air base this past week, and got a visit from a special person.............I think you can tell from the smile on his face, how happy this made him. God bless Vice President Pence, Jason, and God bless America!

Several of you guessed who the picture of the young boy was that I posted was President Trump!

I have a new Scripture that I am claiming these days, and thought you might need it one day....Isaiah 41:10.


  1. What a great picture! Please thank him for his service from me:) Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  2. Duh...I knew I had seen that photo somewhere...smiles...

    God Bless Pence, he is one of the good guys and from my birth place, of all things, smiles. What a handsome cousin, Linda. Bless our men and women in uniform. smiles

  3. Isaiah 41:10 has been my 'go-to' scripture for many years!! Yes, God Bless America and all the men and women who serve to keep us free!

  4. What a wonderful photo and God bless your cousin and thank him for his service. Thank you for sharing the scripture, too.
    You fooled me with the picture of Pres. Trump.
    God bless our leaders and America.
    Hope you have a nice evening. xoxo

  5. Wonderful picture! And thanks for sharing the verse, it's a good one :)

  6. That is so cool!
    I love that verse too.

  7. God bless our President and Vice President all all of our service men and women! What a great opportunity and experience for your cousin. God bless him!!