Friday, June 23, 2017

The name of my background today is Caramel Pecan Swirl, and due to that name, I couldn't resist using it!  lol

Some, or most of you are on Facebook, and have seen my post about my loaf of bread, but for those who didn't see, here it is:

I made it last night, using the recipe for the rolls that I did a day or so ago, and it turned out perfect.  I will definitely use it from now on.  The main thing I was looking for in a loaf, was the texture and this is it!  I guess one does have to experiment to find what you are looking for, and bingo!!!

Jim is not bouncing back like he has before. He seems to be headed in the other direction, especially his mind.  He worked with his telephone yesterday for quite a few minutes, and finally asked me to fix it because he couldn't change the channels on the TV.  :(

Bear with me, please......being a retired RN, I should know how to handle, know what to say and do, with someone with the beginning stages of dementia, and/or the weakness of body, but when it comes to someone close, it is a different story.  I try all day long to make sure he is safe, make sure he is eating enough, make sure he has some stimulation for his mind, and all the other little things that are necessary.  By the end of the day, he goes to bed and sleeps and I am so exhausted, I can not relax or go to sleep easily.  I know time away for me would help, but am afraid to leave Jim alone in the house for any length of time........

Have you been where I am?  Give me some suggestions or hints as to what I can do to make it easier for him, and for me.  I am still clinging to Isaiah 41:10 and know in my mind and heart that God will see me through, but my human side is just worn out already and we are just in the beginning.

Two of our daughters are on vacation in Florida, and our son, even though next door, has his hands full with his son, working long hours, etc.!

Guess I should adhere to the picture, huh?


  1. I just loveeeeeeeeeeee the background, smiles...and yep...been there and sometimes still doing it. I do worry when I leave home in the fall, what will become of things. Although, since hubby has been diagnosed with pre diabetes, he is back on track, but mentally, there are days. Even after 11 yrs after suffering a stroke, the effects are still there. (I'll stop now, sigh)--you know what I'm saying.

    Then, there is my mil who has dementia...that's another story and she is declining fast...then there's the 20 year old who has issues...being a spouse, mom, caregiver etc....can be quite draining. Just saying.

    Keeping you in prayer, sweet friend. Sending you much love and hugs.

  2. My mother developed dementia five months before her passing and she was blind. I was her caregiver and she lived with us. I know what it is like to be afraid to go to the bathroom for fear they will get hurt while I am out of the
    room. If Hospice coming into the home is not an option, I would seek out a friend or volunteer to give you respite, even if for an hour or two. Please know you have our prayers.

    1. It helps to know others have been through this and know what I feel. Thank you for prayers.

  3. The bread looks wonderful.
    I haven't been through this, but talk to a lot of spouses of our residents who have dealt with this. I think Hospice is a good idea. They used to say the person had to have about 6 months to live to be on it, but now they just have to be showing a decline which you are seeing. They could set up some volunteers and just let you have a little break, plus give you someone to talk to. Praying for you!

    1. Mari, we are considering Hospice, and thanks for the suggestion. Time will tell....and especially thank you for the prayers.

  4. Oh Honey, I have friends and loved ones in the same boat! Just keep doing what you are doing, I know you are doing what is best for Jim! Reach out to those around you, Church friends are good to help! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  5. I was going to suggest Hospice but see that Mari beat me to it. They are so wonderful and she is right...they will come and they don't use that 6-month target anymore. You can have some time to yourself when they come. Give it some more thought, for sure. I think your kids will agree. Hugs.