Friday, June 30, 2017

It is raining straight down and I think it has been all night.  The garden is probably smiling and my flowers are standing tall. This may be a good day to rest and relax.  I need to cook something in the crock pot, do a little more crocheting (working on my 3rd sleeping mat) and just chill out!

I am going to share a funny with you about something that happened to me yesterday.  Remember now, I was an RN and guess I will always be to some extent.  Nurses always find a way to take care of situations, right?

Ok, I went to my daughter's house to feed their cat for the last time.  He isn't a very friendly cat, so I talk to him, but don't pet him.  I had filled his food bowl, and walked to the sink to fill his water bowl, and came back to put the water bowl down, and he hissed at me, and bit me on the arm.  (He must have thought I was going to eat his food.)

I looked their house over for a band aid, as it was bleeding, and couldn't find one anywhere.  So, 'Nurse Nancy' went to the bathroom and in a cabinet, there were tiny little sanitary pads............yes, you guessed it..........I folded one, put on the spot and had to use scotch tape to keep it in place........and home we went!

I wrote my daughter and told her from now on if I am in charge of feeding this cat, she needs to have a first aid kit handy!  I have laughed and laughed about this.

Enjoy your day, whatever you choose to do, and if it is raining where you are, stay dry!!!


  1. Oh man...that is funny--not about you getting bit, wink. It is hot and humid here and looks like it wants to rain at times. Have a great day, friend. smiles

  2. A good laugh feels good, doesn't it😂 Enjoy this rainy day, that's what it is doing here too. Hugs

  3. Oh no! Yes, I would say a first aid kit should be provided with the cat food!
    The rain is coming down steady here this a.m. I hope you and Jim have a good day. I probably will put a couple of pork chops in the crock pot later.

  4. Crock pot dinner sounds good! But we have a lot of leftovers to eat up first. Yikes! I don't think I'd be too willing to feed that cat again! But love your bandaid! Pretty creative! Hope the bite isn't too bad...but you being a nurse would know if it was. Hope the rest of your day is filled with joy...even in the rain!

  5. That is too funny, not that the cat bit you but the bandage you found. Just goes to prove, where there's a will, there's a way!

  6. Look at you!!!
    A true nurse in action!
    I will have to remember that little trick!
    Have a good weekend, Linda.
    Here in PA, it can't decide wether to rain or not!

  7. Too funny! At least you found SOMETHING :))
    No rain here but it's hot and humid. Some rain is to come tomorrow. Take care, stay dry!

  8. You are brilliant and funny too!

  9. Well, thanks for the laugh this afternoon! We make do with what we's how we were raised!! Watch for infection now. Those feline mouths are full of bacteria.