Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good Sunday morning!  I pray everyone is healthy and happy this morning.

We didn't get to go see our daughter's new house after all. Jim didn't feel well at all and went to bed at 2 pm.  I rambled around the house, in and out, cooked corned beef and cabbage, and made some yeast rolls.  Also, preparing to start on my second sleeping mat, I cut and made some PLARN (plastic yarn) to use for that.  I have to keep busy or I go nuts!!!

While I was killing time yesterday, I hung some pictures that my Aunt painted. She died when I was 12 years old, but I remember her very well.  A couple of them are at least 75 years old, and they are all painted on wood.  She was definitely not a professional, but to me they are very special. This was my Mother's sister.  She was deaf, but at some point in her life, learned to read lips, and she could carry on a conversation with you easily.  God gives everyone a talent.

(I did straighten them after I took the

Church this morning and tonight and the weather people are calling for rain.  During the summer months, if we want to know the forecast, it is best to 'stick our noses' out the door, because one never knows from day to day.

Enjoy the day!


  1. Good Morning, I am sorry Jim did not feel up to visiting your daughter's new home. I love your aunt's art. They are each very beautiful. So happy you hung them where you and everyone can enjoy her talent. I hope Jim feels better today.

  2. Good Morning, friend. Keeping Jim in prayer. I love your aunts art work, I also read lips, since I am deaf in my right ear, yep. Hope you have a lovely day...

  3. I pray this Sunday finds Jim feeling much better🙏🏼. Enjoy your day, rain predicted here too. HUGS

  4. I'm sorry it was a down day for Jim. Hopefully he was up for church this morning! Your aunt was very talented for a self-taught artist!!

  5. So sorry your hubby isn't feeling well. I understand about trying to stay busy. It seems me and my husband are on totally different time schedules and I find myself trying to be quiet. It can be nerve wracking. Hope you've had a pleasant Sunday. And, I agree about predicting the weather. 😊

  6. I hope Jim is feeling better today. I really like those paintings - they have charm!