Sunday, June 25, 2017

Church day!

Sunshine - Yayyyy

Jim - Weak as water

Me - Tired, but thankful

Daughter #2 - family home from vacation, safe and sound

Daughter #1 - arrived at destination for vacation, safe and sound

Son - happy, safe and sound


  1. I am sorry to read that about Jim...keeping you in prayer, friend. I just love your graphic. smiles

  2. Thankful and I love that picture:) Have a blessed day, praying for JIM! HUGS!

  3. Very cute graphic. God bless your day.

  4. It is about the way we look at it :) I was feeling a bit weary about a few things this weekend.....had to give myself a talking to and all is well!
    God bless you and Jim today!

  5. Sorry Jim is still feeling poorly. Glad for all the good news with your kiddos! Sending love & hugs!!