Friday, May 12, 2017

We made it one more week didn't we? Time is flying by.

My PLARN (plastic yarn) mat is coming right seems like it would be difficult, but truly it is easy and is coming together much faster than I thought it would.
We will pick up Jesse again today, to help Murphy(our son) out as he is working overtime this week.

My jar of blessings is beginning to fill up. God has, and is richly blessing me every single day.
This is my little garden, such as it is, as I still need something to put in the big blue pot and the cream colored pot.  Little by little I am getting there.  In the others, there are marigolds and if and when they bloom, it should bring a little color to that little space! 
The red rocks on the left side of the picture, came from Kansas. Supposedly, near the beginning of the Paleogene period of time, the Rocky Mountains were born, as were the streams and rivers heading eastward out from the mountains into Kansas. Over 60 million years of erosion, the Rocky Mountains created a wedge of material extending to the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas. The red rock is named for their color derived from the Permian red beds which outcrop and underlie the region. The red color is produced by abundant iron oxides in the weathering sediments. I visited Kansas with a very good friend, heard the story and brought some of that red rock home with me.

Last, but certainly not least, I am thinking of my two Mothers this coming Mother's Day.  My Mother worked hard every day of her life, to support us, and my Grandmother took care of me at home.  What I am today, I owe to them 100%.



  1. You look like your mom and grandmother, Linda. A very Happy Mothers Day to you, my friend.

  2. Love your's so colorful! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Your mat is coming along nicely! I love you colorful pots, Linda. I think I might be able to handle a garden with pots. Happy Friday!

  4. What a precious 3 generation picture. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Mother's Day, sweet Lady.

  5. Love your pictures of your Mother and Grandmother and you...that is really sweet. Interesting info about Kansas. We lived there very briefly and I wasn't too enamored with it, but we weren't there long enough to discover all of that geology! Everything I saw was very flat, flat, and more flat...and hot! But you make me want to go back and take a second look! I hope you have a wonderful, blessed Mother's Day!!

  6. Your garden looks good! I like seeing the photos of your mom and grandma too. Happy Mothers Day!