Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.   It was very quiet here....no cookout, no company, and to be honest, lonely.  Jim didn't feel well, and slept most of the weekend away. I tried to stay busy making bread, crocheting and doing my household chores.  He wasn't able to go to church Sunday night.  School is out and families are on vacation, so not many there.

I only have about 4 rows left to finish my first sleeping mat and got in touch with a couple of people to find out where to take it and was successful.  I still have plenty of PLARN and will start a new one soon.

Summer is here!  Unless there is a breeze, porch sitting is already hot. If there is one mosquito in the State of Tennessee, it will find me, and bite me.  I have used all the precautions - sprays, rub-ons, all the gadgets, but they buzz right past all that, bite, and I come inside scratching. 

No big plans this week, just more of the same.  I am thankful to be alive and pray I can make a difference this week.


  1. I'm sorry it was so lonely....keeping you and Jim in prayer. You would of enjoyed our picnic--it was warm--but under the pavilion-next to the river, it was quite breezy. There was plenty of small talk, catching up to do etc.smiles

  2. That's the way I start each day, with a thankful heart! It's kinda BLAH around here too! I have a pool party this weekend, so I gotta get moving to prepare for that! Enjoy your day dear friend, PRAYING that Jim feels better today! HUGS!

  3. Staying busy is the way to do it. I'm sorry that Jim isn't feeling well. Mosquitos love me too. I've used Skin So Soft from Avon in the past which helps some. Don't know if they even make it anymore. Have a good day.

  4. Wish you lived closer. Linda!
    You could have joined us for a quiet day and a nice meal!
    Have a good week, hope you can have some comfy porch sitting days!

  5. Well, the mosquitoes that don't find you will find me. Sorry about your weekend, and that Mr. Jim isn't feeling well. Hope your week gets better! 💜

  6. No party here either. But we live with 3 Grands so it's never quiet ;-) It's been so rainy and cool (to me it's cold for this time of year), so send us your warmth....I'm longing for it!!
    Surely hope your hubby feels better soon. Can you listen to your church services on line? Our church posts the messages but not the entire service.

  7. I hope Jim is feeling better today. I'm sorry it was a lonely day - wish we lived closer to you!