Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Partly sunny, with a possible shower.  That seems to be our forecast for the past week or two, and more to come. But, it is spring/summer after all.

My poor car is on its last legs, so we are taking it to a mechanic this morning, to see if it can be saved!  I inherited this little Ford Focus from my Aunt and Uncle upon their death, and it has certainly been a little jewel....gas wise, low mileage, and small enough for me to park easily.  But, there is a noise that we cannot figure out, so on to the expert.  Sure hoping it isn't anything major. Jim seems to think it is the exhaust pipe that has dropped down or something like that.  Can you tell I know nothing about cars?

Church tonight and am praying Jim will feel up to going. He doesn't like to miss a service.  

Hope your day is just what you want it to be!


  1. We have a 14 yr old Ford Focus ZTW Wagon, and it has been the best car we have ever owned. It has been in and out of the shop---only due to the fact I have been driving it back and forth this past yr to school---so hubby has been having regular maintance done on it---and not to mention the exhaust had a hole in it, the winters are rough on a car.

    Hoping your problem isn't a big one, please keep us updated--and I LOVE YOUR NEW PROFILE PHOTO. SMILES

  2. I wish you and Jim a good day and I hope he feels like attending church this evening. I pray that your car can be repaired easily. Keep us posted.

  3. I pray that your little car can be fixed and will keep right on rolling:) Have a blessed day and hopefully Jim is feeling better today! HUGS!

  4. Morning Linda!
    Hoping your car can be fixed.
    I am partial to Fords, as Steve is a dealer! : )
    Have a wonderful day...celebrating Peyton's birthday today.
    17 years flew right by!

  5. Sure hope your Focus can be saved!! I always owned Fords until I switched to Kia last time. Thinking another Ford is in my future. Keep us posted. Hope Jim is up for services tonight. Hugs!

  6. Hope all goes well for you little car, sure hope the car doctor can make him well.

  7. Our car was at the station today too - and it was expensive! :( Hope yours is more reasonable.
    PS - I love the new profile pic!

  8. Hope the car repair is easy and not too expensive. Seems it's always something... I guess that's just life. Hope today is a good one.

    1. PS... Love your pretty smiling face in your profile pic. ๐Ÿ’•