Monday, May 1, 2017

My background today says it all!  Rain, rain and more rain and even more rain.  We have lakes in our back yards, ditches are running wide open and we can't get in or out of our cars without getting wet...umbrella or no umbrella.  Am ready for some sunshine.

Jim and I have appointments today with our primary care doc. It is our 3 month check.  We both respect and trust this doctor and have been using him for years.

Church last night was 'youth' night.  The teenage choir sang 2 songs and one teenage girl played her flute.  Five young people gave their testimonies about when and how they received Christ as their Savior.  It was such a blessing all around.  We have a tremendous bus ministry and there are usually 50+ children in any service, and on Wednesday nights, when we have "Kids For Christ (KFC), we will have anywhere from 75-100 children.  We all know children are the future of our church and I appreciate those who work with them.



  1. We have the rain this morning too. Praying for your safe travel with Jim to the Dr. today. I know you enjoyed the church service, the youth, and the music so very much yesterday. I have always loved to hear the flute. xoxo

  2. Oh what a wonderful way to spend your Sunday! Love seeing all of those sweet kids:) Enjoy your day, hope the doctor says only good things and that you get a little sunshine! HUGS!

  3. We have had sun and warmth and some rain, too. Looks like a cooler and wetter week here. A typical spring, I guess.
    Hope your Dr. visit goes good. Stay safe on the wet roads.....may the sun shine over you soon!

  4. We are to get rain today and we really need it. A gully-washer would be good for us. That your church has so many kids is fantastic!!

  5. Sunshine in my soul! Amen. Don't you love seeing young people serving the Lord!

  6. Glad you had a great service yesterday!
    It's been raining here too. Hope your appointments went well!