Saturday, May 20, 2017

I have a 'fetish'.  Every time I am somewhere and see a watch that is different, I want to buy it.  I don't buy expensive ones, just different looking ones.  

Do you have a Cracker Barrel restaurant in your area?  I discovered several years ago, that they have watches, and they are all different.  I couldn't resist, so below are several of the ones I purchased there.  One of my daughters gave me several gift cards for Mother's Day, and one was to Cracker Barrel. I went there yesterday, looking for the watch face to attach to these bands.

Not only do I have the bands and watch faces from Cracker Barrel, I have a watch I got on a cruise ship, watches my children have given me down through the years, two watches that belonged to my Aunt, one of which was hers when she was in nursing school.  I also have the watch that belonged to my great grandmother - looks like a pocket watch, but it was on a chain to wear around her neck.

I have one of just about any color and love being able to switch them to match what I am wearing!

What are you 'addicted' to?  I know some that love purses/pocketbooks, some books, some tea, it is watches!

Have a great day and 'WATCH OUT'!


  1. Oh my gosh, you and my husband would get along, he also has a watch thing---only his are expensive love pocketbooks/purses, books, I probably could list more.

    Have a beautiful day friend...and no Cracker Barrels up here.

  2. My mother was a watch collector and she had some pretty ones. I have a few more now inherited from her. Otherwise, I would have one or two. I love tea cups and baby dolls but have had to downsize my collection. I also collect Bibles of different versions. Love Cracker Barrel!

  3. Do you know what TIME it is? lol I have never noticed the watches at CB; I'll have to look closer next time. You have some real treasures and how fun to be able to change up with your outfit! I have my mama's wrist watch that matched her wedding rings. I have a wrist watch my parents gave me when I graduated high school and John gave me a watch on a chain for my neck. I love them all. For many years, my passion was collecting cookbooks from places we visited and/or thrift stores. These days I don't bake much but I still like looking at cookbooks! God bless your afternoon. xoxo

  4. Oh dear... I love jewelry of any kind. I have so many pieces that I love. I have many things from Cracker Barrel. Love that place:). Enjoy your weekend dear friend. Hugs

  5. Oh, I like watches too, and earrings, and purses... Love your collection, Linda!