Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Friday!

Rain is back - again.  And much cooler temps.  Gotta luv it!

Have you ever known someone who is a hard worker, is good to his family, is a friend to everyone, and yet, cannot get a break? Our son is like that.  He cannot get ahead no matter how hard he tries.  He was on the way to work this morning, and came knockingat our door, asking to use one of our cars, as his has a steel bar sticking out of one of his tires. It is like this over and over.....some little something seems to come up, no matter how hard he tries or works.  My heart breaks for him.

I have started collecting the plastic bags to eventually make the mat.  I am going to present this to my Sunday School class to see if they might be interested in making them and contributing to the program for the homeless.  I mentioned this in a blog a couple of days ago.  I had sent an email to my immediate neighbors and family, asking they save their bags for me, and my neighbor across the street brought me a big bag of sacks yesterday and I am beginning to cut them and make the strips to crochet.
We plan to take a drive out to see the progress on our middle daughter's new house.  It is almost completed and they hope to move in by the end of this month.

After that, we will pick up Jesse from school, and then the weekend begins...................


  1. I'm so sorry that your son is having problems. Those problems do seem to run in a string. I hope he can get his tire problem fixed cheaply. I'm excited to see how the plastic bag mat is coming along. I hope your Sunday School class is interested. A project like that is always more interesting when being done with others. If I lived nearer, I'd love to help.

  2. Poor Murphy! A steel bar?!! Sounds like someone did it on purpose. What a shame. Exciting times with your daughter's new house!! Have fun with Jesse!! Love & hugs.

  3. I am sorry for Murphy. It is heartbreaking, I know. I am thankful he has you next door to call on in the difficult times.
    I know you will enjoy seeing your daughter's home. Best wishes to them with the move.
    I hope you all will enjoy the afternoon with Jesse. The rain is off and one here today.
    Love to you and yours.

  4. Sorry to hear about your son's trouble. The ladies at church got together and made the plastic mats. It was a fun project for them. A new house, that is so exciting. I know they must be anxious to move in and start enjoying their new home.

  5. I totally understand about adult sons and such issues. We have two adult sons who still live with us (they've been back and forth a few times), and it just seems like things "happen" when you least expect it or need it...But God is with them and continues to protect them in the midst of it all...So thankful! We just commit them to the Lord fresh each day. God is in control!!

  6. Yep, Linda, I sure do...and like your other commenters have said, God is in control. smiles.

    Have a beautiful day friend, rain here as well.

  7. I pray that your Son gets some good luck soon! I know people who do so much good but bad things happen to them too! Those mats will be awesome and a great way to use those bags that we all collect:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. Oh, I feel for him, as I just had some work done on my car. No fun, and it gets to be expensive. Such a wonderful quote today.