Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yesterday I started gluing my circles worked!!! However, rather than attaching to a sheet or blanket, I feel I need a tablecloth (the red & white is what I am using now in my kitchen).  My problem now is how to transfer from my kitchen table to a background.  The glue is holding the circles together nicely, but if I try to pick them up, the weight might possibly tear them apart.  Any suggestions???

The forecast for today is rain, rain, and more rain.  I know we need it, and when we are in the middle of the hot, dry summer, we will be thankful for all this water.  But........right now, not enjoying it so much.  It is also forecast to be 90 today.....90 in April?  Does that mean 100+ this summer?

No big plans today, so will just relax and be thankful I am alive! 

This is a picture of my beautiful city, from across the Tennessee River, looking toward the downtown area.  Lookout Mtn. sure stands out!



  1. I love your handiwork and the picture of the city and Lookout Mountain. We really got a drenching last night in southern Indiana, but thankful for the rain. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Good Morning, Oh your crochet circles will make a nice tablecloth. Do you have a large strong piece of cardboard or piece of plywood you could slip under the circles to move them...anything to keep them flat. A bear got into our neighbor's garbage overnight and it is all over our yard - hoping they clean it up soon without stepping on our newly planted flowers! lol God bless your day.

  3. I was thinking of what Mildred was thinking - something stiff and flat to slide under. They sure are pretty! I have to go to a baby shower this afternoon so I hope the rain holds off. So far this week, every time I've had to go some place new, I have to maneuver in the rain! Chattanooga looks like a lovely city. I will have to find my over there some day. Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

  4. What Mildred said, cardboard would be better...sigh, I do miss Chattanooga, Linda. Have a beautiful Saturday.

  5. It won't be easy to find a piece of cardboard big enough, but it's the best idea I can think of. Now that they are glued together, you might try just a couple of stitches between each for reinforcement. It looks great though! Keep us posted!

  6. Can't help you at all!
    I have zero talent in that area!
    But it sure looks nice.
    Have a cozy Sunday!

  7. I like the cardboard idea! It's really looking good!