Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Lord's Day.  As my Pastor says from time to time, if we can't take an hour a week to slow down and worship the One that gave us all, we are missing a blessing.  I pray you can do this today.

We had a major storm last evening.  I looked out the front door and a trampoline from one yard blew across a road into the garden of another yard.  Tree limbs down all around us, and the yards and roads flooded.  God sure got our attention.

I messed up big time on my circles.  I am going to put them away for a few days until I can figure out what to do with them. I was able to move them without trouble, from the table to the back bedroom.  The glue worked great!!!



  1. So very sorry about your severe weather. I heard thunder once about 9 p.m. but no more and we have not had any rain yet. I imagine it is on its way, though. Have a safe and nice Sunday. xo

  2. I was just reading about your weather and others...we are suppose to get that later today and tomorrow. We actually got a warning for tomorrow.

    Keeping you in prayer...hmm...on the circles.

  3. Some wind and flood damage here in southern Indiana, too. Praying for the tornado and flood victims in other states.

  4. It sounds like there has been lots of bad weather in the last few days. We've had lots of rain. Glad you stayed safe!

  5. The saga of the circles continues! I hope you are able to display them, Linda, because they are so pretty and colorful!! We are to get rain later today and tomorrow...much needed! Sorry you got more than you needed!!