Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Coffee is special this morning for some reason.....mmmm

Good morning!  I am happy to say that my back feels better.  I rested most of the day yesterday and that helped tremendously.

Jim had physical therapy and is doing so well.  The therapist is very pleased with his progress.

We attended the Missions Conference last night and had a gentleman from the Philippines preach.  It was a good message and it made me realize even more, how much we in the United States are blessed with.  

We feed the missionaries every night before the service, and tonight my Sunday School class, along with another one, has the meal.  We are serving soups and chili, and of course desserts.  I am making vegetable soup.

I also pick up the grands after school today.

We are to have rain most of the day and a slow drop in temperatures.

Whatever you have on your 'plate' today, enjoy!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Not much to blog about today.  My back is hurting really bad, so am just going to rest it today.  If something interesting occurs, I will blog, but otherwise, have a nice day and be good to yourself.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Our football team won yesterday, which was a 'biggy' since we haven't won a game in a couple of years and it was against a team that we thought would beat us bad.  Yippee!  

After that game, we got out for a ride.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we rode through downtown and back, checking out everything that had changed since Jim had been able to be out.

Speaking of Jim, he is doing so well....able to use his walker instead of the wheelchair, cooking a little, sitting on the porch and all in all, just an answer to prayer in so many ways.

Today is church day and he will be going this morning.  Our annual missionary conference begins today and we always look forward to hearing these gentlemen and learning what God is doing in other countries.  It will be Sunday through Wednesday nights.

God bless you and yours and have a wonderful day.  Enjoy the cooler weather.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Good morning!  And it is good.....60 degrees and sunshine in the forecast.  Our weather has been fantastic all this past week.

My son grew peanuts this year!  Yes, peanuts and he dug some up yesterday and brought them over for us to see.  I had never known anyone that had grown peanuts and it was fascinating to me.  I didn't know they grew under ground.  

Now he hangs them up to dry before picking, and then they will be ready to roast and eat.

Do you eat turnip or mustard greens?  We cooked some turnip greens and made some cornbread and that was our meal one night this past week.  Jim and I both love 'greens' and don't get them very often.....it's a southern thing!

Today is 'football' day around our house, and am going to make some soup or chili to enjoy while watching the games.  Hope you have a great Saturday.


Friday, October 12, 2018

Today is my 'pickup groceries' day.  Other than that, not much going on around the old homestead.

Enjoy the cooler weather and continue to pray for those who lost everything in the hurricane.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

To begin, we should be praying for those in the path of Hurricane Michael.  There was much devastation and destruction.  God grant them the ability to put their lives and homes back together.

We had a good visit from the doctor yesterday.  It was if we were in an office, but comfortable at home.  He asked all the usual questions and answered all our concerns.  He will be visiting every month at the beginning and as Jim improves, the visits will be less frequent.

Prayers have been answered and Jim was able to attend church with me last night.  He made it just fine and seemed to be happy that he was missed.  It started raining just as we went in and I worried about afterward, as he is slow moving, but it was no problem at all.

Our weather is to cool down the remainder of the week, and is most welcomed.  Less humidity would be great!  With that news, I will wish you a good Thursday.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Today we will have the first visit from the doctor that comes to our home.  This is all new to us, but will certainly be a lot easier for both myself and Jim.  Will let you know how it goes.

We need to continue to pray for those in the path of 'Michael'.  From the maps we see on TV, we should only get the back lash with rain.  

Take care and have a blessed day.

Coffee is special this morning for some reason.....mmmm Good morning!  I am happy to say that my back feels better.  I rested most of th...