Monday, December 11, 2017

Twenty degrees is cold to us southerners, and it has been that temperature for the past few days, especially at night.  Today we are supposed to hit a high of 50, but then drop back down again tomorrow and more snow flurries.  Brrrrr is the only way I can describe it.

I learned something yesterday in Sunday School.  Even at my old age, one can always learn something, right?

Do you know what a bondservant was in the Old Testament?  I have read that term but never really knew the true meaning.  We had a substitute teacher and she is the one that gave us the meaning.

Read Numbers 21:1-6.  I have read that during the Civil War, some 'masters' were very good to their servants, but in the Old Testament days, a bondservant was so faithful to his master, he was willing to undergo a severe procedure to show he would serve him forever.

Do we love our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, enough to endure what the world gives us this day and time?


Sunday, December 10, 2017

We have received so many Christmas cards through the 'post office' at our church....actually a basketful!

..........and Jim has received many 'get well cards' as well.  He got one yesterday from a sweet family at the end of the card, it said --------

"Contentment is having hope 
that is not dependent on our circumstances."

Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, December 9, 2017


This is what my daughter wrote about her daughter, Aryn, whose basketball jersey # was retired last night:

     "You watch your kids grow up so fast.....the time flies by. But somewhere along the way you see the "it" factor. This one had the sports bug early on...she took a basketball in her hand and when she did, you knew it was going to be something special. You always dream big for your hope they can get that starting spot on the Varsity and make a name for themselves and Aryn Sanders certainly did that. Tonight, her high school, Signal Mtn, bestowed a very high honor to her by retiring her #3 Jersey. What a very special event and I could not be more proud. Thank you to everyone who came out! Congratulations Aryn!"

Aryn and her sister Grayce

Aryn and one of her coaches

This is what he said about her:

     "I was so excited to watch the jersey retirement ceremony for Aryn Sanders at Signal Mtn. High tonight! She had an amazing high school career and is continuing the great work at the University of Alabama-Huntsville! She was a joy for me to coach and train! Always great to see my players rewarded for their hard work. Well done and well deserved Aryn! Thanks for letting me share this special moment with you and the Sanders family! ......... so proud of you!"

3 of her college friends and basketball players came to see her retirement.

...and of course, 'the' boyfriend and
his entire family came.

Thank you for allowing me to brag!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Snow?  yes, snow in and around this morning.  I also heard of snow at the Alamo in Texas.  I guess it is that time of the year, but when they predict it, it rarely happens, but it did this time.  Pretty white stuff!

Tonight at 6 pm, my granddaughter Aryn's high school basketball jersey is being retired.  We understand it is a little rare for a high schooler to have this honor, especially a girl.  During her 4 years of high school, she scored over 2,600 points, was the leading female scorer in the area, and not only did she play basketball, but also track, volleyball, and softball.  She has 4 State rings she earned, and was named female basketball player of the year twice.  So, that will be my Friday night activity - to go see her receive the honor.  Her college coach and several of the players on her college team are also coming to honor her.

Murphy and I went to visit with Jim yesterday and he was in good spirits.  He cannot remember what happened to him to cause him to be in the skilled nursing facility, so we remind him and talk to him about it all.  He is working hard to get stronger so that he can come home.

Enjoy your Friday....we are getting closer to the big day!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The epidural injection went just great.  I am so thankful there is a way to ease my back pain and there is a doctor that can do just that.  Thank you for praying.

Jim is stable at the moment.

We do not buy gifts for the adults in our family any longer, but we do continue to buy for the children (but each family of course buys for their children for Christmas morning, as well as Santa still comes).  I shopped yesterday afternoon, after getting the epidural, and got all but 2 of the gifts I needed.

What are some of your traditions that you keep in your family?  We have just a few, but they are important to us.

1)  We all meet early on Christmas Eve and go to a local Krystal restaurant.  If you don't have those in your area, they are burger places, but the burgers are a little different from the usual ones.  You may know or have White Castle, and these are similar.

     Founded on October 24, 1932, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, during the first years of the Great Depressionentrepreneur Rody Davenport Jr. and partner J. Glenn Sherrill theorized that even in a severe economic upheaval, "People would patronize a restaurant that was kept spotlessly clean, where they could get a good meal with courteous service at the lowest possible price." The restaurant's first customer, French Jenkins, ordered six "Krystals" and a cup of coffee, all for the price of 35¢, thus proving their theory true.

2)  We have had Christmas breakfast in the morning for years but not sure we can do that this year, with Jim not available.  However, we always have had country ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, gravy, potatoes, pancakes, orange juice, and of course coffee.  We would eat breakfast first, and about half way through, the children would get 'antsy' to open gifts.  They try to hurry us along!

3)  The third tradition is to ride around our area and look at the Christmas lights.  There are certain subdivisions that always go 'all out' and we try to find them first.  Long, long ago when our children were small, we did just that and saw some power towers on top of one of the mountains and they had red lights.  Our children decided that was Santa's sleigh and the red were the noses of the reindeer.  Awwww memories!

Have to post the picture of 4 of our deer in the livingroom.  They of course wear their red hats every Christmas.

Hope you will share some of your traditions.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Just a quick post this morning.  I am scheduled for an epidural in my spine at 6 AM, and we will be leaving shortly.  Thank you for praying for Jim, and I am asking if you will pray for me this morning, that all goes well.

Sharing a little of Christmas at our house.

God bless you in a special way today.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


If you know me at all, you know I love snow.  Maybe it is because we don't get it often and if we do, it isn't much at all.  I love seeing it fall. I love how quiet it is.  I love how clean it looks.  I love seeing children (and some adults too) play in the snow and the smiles on their faces.  It always brings back good memories from days gone by, wherein we played in the snow with our children, and how happy they were.  Now, I don't want it to stay around long or become dangerous, I just like it for a short time.  "They" are saying snow for us this coming weekend!  We shall see.

Jim continues to improve.  He still has pain, and is still weak and can't walk, but his mind is clearer, and he is eating better.  When our son and I went to visit yesterday, they had him sitting up in a chair, which is a step in the right direction.

Enjoy your day, whatever it brings!