Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I was sitting on the front porch, yes, warm enough to sit outside, and looked up at the big maple tree in our front yard, and on the ends of the branches, I saw 'sprigs' of leaves showing up!  We have had some 70's in the past few days, and obviously the trees and flowers are enjoying it as much as we are.
I noticed some bulbs are sprouting and I saw a bright yellow dandelion in the yard.  Oh how I am looking forward to full blown spring. I know it isn't here yet, but not long off.
My VA lady comes back today and I have to take my telephone back....no one can hear me, so the microphone must be bad.  Everything else seems to work ok, but if no one can hear me, what good is it?  Hoping they will exchange without any problems.  I have sure had my phone problems.

I need to take Jim's glasses in for repair.  He took his glasses off, laid them on the bed and rolled over on them, popping the lens out of both sides.  Bless his heart, he can't see anything much without them.

We had a couple of visitors yesterday and one was a deacon from our church.  He brought Jim the complete Bible on CD.  When he left, Jim started listening immediately.  That will be so helpful for him.

That's it for today's update.  Hope your week is going good and maybe you are getting some sunshine too!

Monday, February 19, 2018

My lost cell phone turned up on the top of one of our outside garbage cans!  I have no clue who put it there and no one will speak up.  It was soaking wet, so it must have been in a puddle somewhere.  I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something....lol  Needless to say, it was de-activated so I just dried it and put it in a drawer.

My VA lady helper will not be here today.  She previously had a doctor's appointment so she will make up this day at some point.  It is going to be another rainy day.  We got a short preview of sunshine yesterday and are looking forward to more, soon.

Have a stomach bug of some kind, and was awake until after 2 AM.  Needless to say, I wont be doing much today.  grrrrrr

Sunday, February 18, 2018

My background tells you what I will be doing today!

I enjoyed my class meeting yesterday morning....lots of laughter and sharing, and I needed that.  

We watched Aryn's basketball game, and it was a good game because they won! 

I really have nothing new to share, so I will wish you a blessed day and pray you will worship in the manner you choose.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


The background is called total chaos and I feel like I am living in that.  

First of all, I am not complaining, I am just stating facts.  My blog is my life and it just happens to be this way.  

The VA lady came again and it went much better.  She dusted the furniture and vacuumed the whole house.  We sat down and she made a list in her work notebook of what she will do, on which day and we both agreed it would go smoother that way.  She is a very nice, pleasant young lady and just needed some guidance.  I appreciate all of you that suggested I give her some instruction....it worked!

I did go to pick up groceries at Walmart, and Julie, the VA lady, unloaded and put them away.  She had brought her lunch, so she sat down to eat and I decided to rest a bit.  I was going to call my daughter, and lo and behold, I could not find my telephone.  I knew I had it at Walmart, because you have to call a certain number for them to bring your groceries to the car.

I looked all over the house, used the house phone to call the cell phone.  I looked in the car, not there.  I drove back to Walmart to look in the area I picked up to see if it fell out of the car....no.  I went in to Customer Service and no one had turned a phone in to them.  I then went to the department where the telephones are, and bought a new phone, brought it home and contacted the company and they transferred my account to the new phone.

Oh no, that's not all!

We sat down for supper later on and Jim decided to finish the chocolate cake a friend had brought him.  It ended up all over his clothes, and on the floor under his wheelchair.  I was mopping and cleaning at 7 pm last night.

Total chaos yesterday, but looking forward to going to my Sunday School class meeting for breakfast this morning and to fellowship with my sweet friends. 


Thank you for allowing me to vent.  I need it from time to time to keep from going loony....lol

Friday, February 16, 2018

Day #1 with VA lady done.  We mostly got to know one another, and I showed her around the house, room to room, where this was or that was, etc.  She was here from 9 AM until 2 PM.  There was no work whatsoever done however.  I am not sure what I expected, but just talking wasn't it.  Jim slept until 11:30, so he was not involved in the 'getting to know' part of the day.  She will come back this morning from 9 until 1 this afternoon.  If she doesn't take charge, I am going to suggest she dust a little and vacuum.  

I will pick up groceries any time from 11 to 12 this morning, and she will be here with Jim.

We have no specific plans for the weekend other than to watch Aryn's basketball game, and Saturday is to be a wash out so we will batten down the hatches and look forward to sunny days somewhere ahead. 

Happy weekend ahead to you and yours.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Guess my 'break' is over, because I seem to be posting.  

We will begin a new chapter in our lives today.  We have received Veterans benefits and will have a housekeeper 4 days a week, 5 hours a day, beginning today.  It will be new to us, and awkward to a degree, but I am thankful for the help.  Day to day life has been more difficult as of late, so any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.

Jim is about the same....weak, wobbly, mentally confused at times, and trying so hard to 'do it himself'.  In turn, I am trying to be here for him, let him make decisions and keep him safe.

I hope your Valentine's Day was lovely, and now we are headed toward Easter.  Lent begins today for those that observe.  It is always a serious time for me, as it leads to the Crucifixion.

Have a blessed day my friends!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I am again asking for prayer.  Jim fell again and injured his arm, and we finally got him back to bed and he is sleeping.  Things seem to be going on a downward spiral.   I know God will take care of us....we are his children and look to Him for guidance and help in time of need.  Thank you again.