Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1)  Jim thought he was having a heart attack night before last, as he said he couldn't get his breath, and he was hurting all over.  He got up and went to the front porch and relaxed and it all went away.  We are now thinking that it was a severe case of indigestion.  At the cookout, he ate a huge hamburger and cake and ice cream, which is more than he has eaten at one time in ages. All day yesterday, he was fine, worked outside, and no symptoms returned. I am thankful.

2)  I am so thankful for friends and family that continue to bring me plastic bags for my sleeping mats for the homeless.  Just about every day, someone leaves a sackful on the front porch.

3)  Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, was in Chattanooga yesterday and had a rally in one of the big parks downtown.  I was told over 6,000 people were in attendance.  I am thankful for his efforts.

4)  I am thankful for two appliances that I have been using almost every day-----the bread machine, and the ice cream maker.  We are truly enjoying both and it is fun to try out new recipes for both.  Yesterday I made Chocolate Toffee Truffle ice cream, using the coffee creamer, and it was just like a Frosty from Wendys!

6)  I am thankful for new ideas that I find online.  I saw this yesterday and would like to try to make one for my little garden.  Someone suggested I check the Dollar Store for the pieces of  glass, as it would be cheap there, and all I would need is the solar stake and wa-la!

7)  Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for your friendship here in computer land!


  1. Poor Jim...keeping you both in prayer. Ohhhhh how I would of liked to see Franklin Graham. Smiles

  2. I'm thankful Jim was better yesterday. I would love to see/hear Franklin Graham. How nice that so many are contributing plastic bags for your project. Your ice cream sounds so good. I confess to buying a Frosty often at the drive-thru! That is a cute Angel - let us know if you make one.

  3. So glad Jim is okay, that must have been a scary moment for him. I am also thankful for Franklin Graham and others and the work they do for the Lord. The garden angel is precious. Thankful for talented people who come up with things for us to enjoy!

  4. SO glad he is alright, Linda.
    And I am so happy to have your friendship here, too.
    Have a cozy day!

  5. Linda, a special glue is needed for the glass Garden Angels so you might want to check instructions on Pinterest. I had never heard of it before. It uses a laser light to harden the glue and make it okay for outdoor use. My friends get their glassware at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores and other thrift stores. Glad Jim is okay!! That had to be scary. I love the plastic mat project you are working on!

  6. So thankful your husband is okay. Sometimes those yummy dinners can come back to haunt us. I love the garden angel and want to try to make one too. Glad to see Terri's comment above before I try it. Have a blessed and happy day!!

  7. I am thankful for your friendship! So happy to hear that Jim is OK. We have to get ourselves checked out. Have a blessed evening dear friend. Hugs.

  8. Thankful it was not a heart attack...I just popped over from Mildred's blog.

    I liked reading your list...I am thankful I came. LOL

    1. And please come back any time. It is always nice to meet a new friend.

  9. So thankful your husband's symptoms went away.

  10. So thankful that it was only indigestion, but know that had to be really scary. That ice cream sounds delicious... and I love bread. Hello, my name is Debbie and I'm a carboholic! Lol

  11. I'm so glad Jim is ok. You are going to be busy with all those bags. I like the little angel!


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